Hearing yourself better


If you haven’t ventured into recording yourself at singing or even talking, you should give it a try. You will find an enormous disappointment at how you sound assuming you are just starting singing. That …

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My Fav Singers LIVE!!


Here a few of my favorite singers performing live. Mukesh – also playing the harmonium along. – Ek din bit jayaga Kishore Kumar – Kil the hai gul yahan Mohammed Rafi – singing Madhuban Main …

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Dear Uncle [5] – How do I conquer Anger?

from celebquote.com

Dear Uncle, One of the things I noticed as I was self-introspecting is that I tend to get angry often. Why is this so and how should I go about circumventing this problem of mine? …

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The week as it was!


What’s going on around the world and in my life!! Read on.. The Ferguson decision as narrated by the prosecutor, while appeared convincing, leaves a lot of doubt about the verdict. No wonder there is …

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