Changing background of a photo

IMG_7519- AshBGReplaced4

Recently, I completed photographing a party event. This was indoors and I had to use flash. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my diffuser and ended up with quite a many photos with shadows in the background. …

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The frightening power of a free market economy


The past week Apple has surged by nearly $5 and it’s market capitalization now stands at a whopping $661B.. This is much more than the ENTIRE Russian stock market capitalization. Wow! So much power for …

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Clipping an audio track


Many times you get a karaoke track and will want to make some changes to it. For e.g., – cut off the leading or trailing silence – end the track at a specific time interval …

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Mitzvah in Hebrew means commandments and as commanded by God. It also refers to a moral deed performed as a religious duty. In the 1998 film ‘Rounders’, the character Professor Petrovsky helps out the lead character, …

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