A Crisp Sunday morning

Last week had started on a great note at San Francisco. A new project, a new beginning. Couldn’t have been happier. This week, it was great to start the week with a wonderful bike ride at …

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On the first International Yoga day


The best thing to happen is a good surprise. And people keep surprising you all the time. The thing is that as long as there is goodness in the heart, it transcends all faults. Faults …

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Hector’s formula for Happiness :)

Hectorand thesearchforhappiness

In the movie ‘Hector and the search for Happiness’, Hector, a psychiatrist, ditches his job and goes round the world to study what makes people happy. With his observations and experiences, he compiles a list. …

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Happy or Unhappy?


It doesn’t have to be just the two states. I asked my wife ‘Do you think I am Happy?’. We were watching the movie – ‘Hector and the search for Happiness’. It is a British movie and …

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