Old gem from Hemant Kumar


From Film: Anupama (1966) Singer: Hemant Kumar Translation from hindilyrics.net Ya dil ki suno duniya waalo People of the world, either listen to heart Ya mujhko abhi chup rehne do or let me be silent …

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Streaming your sessions


With the advance in technology over the past decade, reaching out to as many people as you want has become much easier. The means are just waiting to be explored. I used to have a …

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What it is to be humbled.

Should I call her Miss Fancybags for going hiking with a fancy bag?

A few days back I wrote, when you are in a crisis, you need need some form of external intervention. Solving a crisis alone is akin to clapping with one hand. While you can clap …

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Dinner on the river


The stop at Fredericksburg was refreshing. We got back to the hotel around 7 PM and after a brief rest decided to have dinner on the riverwalk. A bit of research gave us few options …

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