Thoughts for the week..


– Do you stand in front of God everyday and ask that you be blessed with all good? For a change, don’t ask anything and thank Him for all He has given you. – When …

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When insecurities take over..

Flushing Ganesha Temple, NY

You are one of those lucky ones if you are steadfast, determined, unwavering, clear-headed all the time. For the rest, life can be a struggle sometimes. You might be fortunate that you are one of …

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It is about having fun

Happy Ugaadi

A Karaoke party is a lot of fun for those who love singing. No need to say this. But the fun goes away if one starts to feel criticized for not singing perfectly. These are …

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My …………. of the week!


Fill in the blanks – useless thoughts, musings, ramblings, etc. – Sometimes God puts brake on your paths. The stop can be sudden. Acceptance is the best option. – Under promise and Over deliver. This …

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